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Polyreduce losing fracture pieces

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So i have a fractured object that I am trying to create a low resolution proxy using the polyreduce.

It works fine except that after I use the polyreduce inside the foreach it loses some small pieces . 

I need to have the exact same amount of pieces after I use the polyreduce so that it matches the high resolution object.

My high resolution fracture has 359 points after I pack it. and my proxy has 353 pieces after I run the polyreduce on it and pack it.

I tried playing around with the setting on the polyreduce but it doesn't work...even tried to use the reference mesh input. Not sure I understand this fully...

if anyone can take a look that would be amazing. 

Thank you.




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Posted (edited)

01) you're using 'old' polyreduce...I trust you know what you are doing.

02) you blow away too much geo...imagine keeping only 17% of a box...you'd be lucky to have a 'sliver' left.

03) so I've provided a choice where too much has been eroded away that you have only 2 pts left...ie. it can't construct a face now (needs at least 3 pts for a face)...so if this is the case it uses the 'reduce' that is not soooooooooooo severe.


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Thank you Noobini, this works great.

I know but the real object I am fracturing is very high res and after the fracturing it has a combination of really big pieces and really really small ones. Which means I had to go a little crazy on the percentage in the polyreduce to make the really big pieces low poly...but the small pieces obviously suffer

Your method is awesome.

Appreciate the help.

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another way that uses just ONE polyreduce is this:

- delete the switch and the 2nd polyreduce

- in the 1st reduce, enter in Keep %: if(npoints(0)>50,18,40)

so if the frag has more than 50 points, it will keep only 18%....less than 50 points then keep 40%.

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Hey guys! I just saw this post and it was very useful to my work! however I am a bit confused about one thing: if I need to use a low poly mesh for my sim and transfer it to my high poly one, where do I put the rest position so my textures dont slide during sim? on the low poly mesh branch or before the dop import of the sim on the high poly mesh branch? (the object is uvd before the sim and when I reduce the polys it will affect the uvs obviously...) 

My guess would be to put it on the branch of the low poly mesh before taking it to my sim however am I correct? 



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