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Hey guys!

I have been busy with roads, lots of roads. I mainly found the intersections very interesting and hard to solve. Here is some of my progress, the blue roads are straight pieces and the red ones are the interesections. I mainly focused on creating clean geometry with working UVs. I hope you guys like it!


Chongqing Crossroads.jpg

solved osm data.jpg

Solving osm data.mp4


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Nice Feike!

Two things I was wondering about though:
Are you doing some checks for the pillars not to go through the roads below? (as I see a couple of instances where that happens)

I also not really know how those "vertical" intersections should work, where one road is connecting to the same road its overlapping (on the bottom left for instance)
or what the OSM curves look like for those cases.



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Hey acey,

I have not made a nice pillar system yet. They are only there to make it look a little bit better (scatter + tube + copytopoints)

About the intersections overlapping, thats a very interesting one. In this case the osm data provides multiple curves very close together, for a very short distance, this makes sence in google maps for example but the problem is that although they are 2 different curves. The data tells me they both still have a high amount of lanes. This makes guessing the width very hard and thats mainly why they overlap. So in short. In order to fix this I need to add more rules when evalueating all attributes. I hope that answered your question.


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Ahh yeah ok, cleaning up data is probably often the most difficult/tedious step, so I get what you are getting at.
Good luck with the rest of the project!

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