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Realflow In Houdini


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The only advantage of using RealFlow I see, is its ability to produce convincing mesh from metaball. It looks great but it's so particular task. Anything else it's much better to do in Houdini. Particles drive, forces etc. I wonder what are the passibilites to mimic RF mesh algorithm in Houdini? Does SESI interest in it? Parhaps this is much more expecting feature then many times mentioned CFD... or mayby I miss somthing but I've never was able to produce mesh of RF quality in H. Do you have some impressive work on that field or some hint for make one?

Can you comment my doubts, please.


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interesting , I am also trying to stimulate real flow like mesh nad i find it a little blooby with meta ball.I am thinking using vex sop to get a finer detailed mesh but im afriad it will take alot of times cooking .Im not even sure if it is a correct workflow.

Below is the just pure metaball.


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yep, looks nice but it's still not your goal, right? I've never gone beyond that also. Too small mash resolution. It must be much more particles to simulate fluid but then metaball creation and/or polyconverion became impossible, so mesh stays low-res nad RealFlow is flowing away...

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