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Going to buy a new PC, recommendations?

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Hey magicians, I'm planning to buy a new PC, any recommendations for the hardware? this is my current setup (2 years old)
Asus x99 ws e
Intel i7 6900k
128 gb ballistix sport lt
3 x Samsung 850 evo 500
3 x Western Digital Wd 2TB Purple
3 x GeForce GTX 980 Ti
EVGA Supernova 1200w
Corsair Hydro H115i Water Cooler (280 mm)
Also I'm thinking about buying some NAS for storage. Any recommendation will be helpful, I'm doing mostly HQ sims.

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You might want to choose something other than the 980s. The 1070s are basically the same card, but cheaper and use less electricity. If you have the budget, maybe even consider the 1080s instead. I think 2080s are out as well.
This is a nice GPU comparison website if you have not checked it out.

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Hey @Atom thanks for the tips. Yes the idea is buying a completely new pc, the one I posted is my current one.

Asked this on Facebook and got some recommenations on getting a Threadripper 1950x or 2950 , do you know about this procesor? also for storaging I'm thinking about a Synology or Qnap, tired of buying new hard drives on my pc.


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