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pop netork inside solver


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Hello everybody.
I am new to this Forum and wanna say hi to everybody, i was following a lot of things going on here already since some time and now its time for my first question :)
I have following setup.
I am advecting parallel copied lines by a volume (pyro) to get the lines moving like smoke. When the lines get advected they get stretched (points move away from each other) every frame until they get really low res on the top of the advection spot.
My idea was to resample the lines every frame and put the resampled output back into the pop network. Logically i would do that with a solver.
The problem is the solver lets my system dissappear. Is a pop network inside a sop solver not working and only working with geometry or do i do anything wrong? 
Would be awesome if somebody would know what i can do.

Cheers, Marco5bb5fcc690c3d_Bildschirmfoto2018-10-04um13_44_07.png.1e1fd330c51dd163fb71f4fa185f20bd.png

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You can always do the pop sim first and then copy line to points later on, or if you want line swim around like smooth noodles, maybe do particle trails.

Another way is do sop solver inside dop net, hope it's helps :)

Any hip file?

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