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Hi everyone!

I am looking for a way for multiple people to work on the same .hip file.

Since .hip files can be exported as text, I assumed it would be possible to simply use git for versioning (and merging the edits made by multiple people). However, it does not seem to be that straightforward.

To test this approach, I created a very simple network (first attachment). Now I made two edits (second and third attachment), each adding a transform node to the network. I assumed these changes could be merged, creating a new network containing both transform nodes. However, attempting to merge the .hip files using git resulted in several conflicts. Some of these could be solved trivially, (like changes to the viewport or the last edit timestamp) but there are several conflicts (last attachment) for which I could not find a way of resolving which produces my expected result.

Does anybody have experience with this approach? How do you handle multiple people working on the same .hip file?

Any help would be appreciated!





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What are you trying to accomplish by having people work on the same .hip file? Why not use different .hip files and share required assets via Houdini Digital Assets for example?

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As the other said HDA is your friend.

But if you want to work on the same file then there is one another way that i think thats possible. You need to build with python a custom multiuser setup. You need to use the .ascode() function to export the scenen to git or custom server and sync it back. It's not a small task but if you want to know more just ask.

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