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Adding a Parameter (button) after an Exiting One in Python


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Hi there!

You can add spare parameters using the Edit Parameter Interface option in the FileCache node settings (the little gear icon). Please note that it will only be available in your current scene file. If you want it available across all scenes, then you need to save it as a permanent default.

Hope it helps :)






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It can be done but you're probably better making an HDA

The code it something like

node = hou.node('/obj/geo1/FILE')
new_button = hou.ButtonParmTemplate("new_button", "New Button")

You need to set the proper scripts in the button for it to replicate the actual button logic

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Ofcourse you meant Python. How did I miss that ? Here you go :)

# Get the file cache node 
cacheNode = hou.node("/obj/geo1/filecache1")

# Get the param template group for the file cache node
parmTempGrp = cacheNode.parmTemplateGroup()

# create a button param template 
myButton = hou.ButtonParmTemplate('myrender', 'Render')

# Insert my button param template after the Save to Disk -(execute) parameter
parmTempGrp.insertAfter('execute', myButton)

# Set the updated param template group to the cache node 




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