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Voronoi Fracture Deforming mesh Stretching

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I am a student using Houdini for my short film.

I have a scene where my character disintegrates. I have a voronoi fracture with an animated and deforming mesh but when the character does larger movements, what seems to be the inside vertices come crashing through the surface outside pieces. Not sure what's happening here.

Really sorry for the crappy quality images and all sorts I have to upload this all on my phone as my campus has been having internet issues.

Thanks in advance.

I would like to upload the hipfile but I can't include my alembic files because of the mentioned internet restriction. If it is necessary I can get the hip onto my phone to send.


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Hey there. Thanks for the reply. The method I have been using is to use an tribute vop to bind the p attribute and load it later. Is using a point deform a better method? I will give it a try I'm just wondering if the method I'm using is incorrect. 


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