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Move A Point Along And Edge


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Hi all.

It is possible to move a point along one of the edges that exists from it without modifying the edge, like in Maya.

I have try to do it with geo edge snapping activated but it doesn't work.

That I want is to move one of the points of one edge, but restrict the direction of moving along the edge itself, so I can make the edge shorter od larger but wothout changing it direction.


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Not in an editing sense.(ASFAIK)

you would have to be adding or refining the edge, and that might not be as easy as you think especially for a a dense poly mesh.

It is something we have asked about before to redistribute the spans on a model.


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I think the best you can do is detach a handle and align it to the edge. Not quite ideal as it's not really what you want. slow and error-prone to execute; but it might be ok if you have only a few things to edit this way.

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Hey lisux,

You almost got it with snapping to edge except there's no guide geometry to snap to. All you have to do is to turn the template flag on the previous SOP & you can move the point along it's edge easily.




Thanks for youe replies.

Your method, stevenong, is good but it only works if I have one node with my previous geo and a new edit node, and trhen use the predecessor as a template.

But normally you are making this things using an edit node, and because this node is additive I can template the dit node itself to get the previous edge for example.

So in the normal case you can't use the template method.

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