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connect one rope to another


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Hi there.


I am trying to create a plant that will need to do some rather silly things. So I am going to try and sim it using wires. I create the "trunk curve" from that I am creating "branches".

What I would like to know is. How do I attach these branches to the trunk. Please note that the branches are randomly generated.

I would assume that I need to put the first points of the branches into a group. Or add an attribute to them. Then some how find the corrisponding trunk point. Not sure really.

Also note. This studio only have houdini 16. Not 16.5 or 17.


Any thoughts would be appresiate.




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The wire constraints is point-to-point, so you should find closest point for each first point of the branches on the trunk. Then create new point at position of the closest one, add it to branch, and then you can use wire glue constraint in solver, using points numbers you are found.

here you can find everything you need ))


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