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vellum - silent hill effect, what parameter can you control for this effect?

dyei nightmare

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question about vellum: how can you control in H17 what was called "active value" and "pintoanimation" in H16 dynamics? what i want to do is a peeling flakes effect in vellum, but which parameter should i control in vellum for that purpose? there is this parameter called "weld" but that are more like stitches, and dynamics keep pushing cloth, and i need more like a on/off swich per point to activate dynamics per point.


something like this:  


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ok, here's my noobish attempt. The monolith height is 10.

You'll see I've got the peelheight at 2 in the attribwrangle. So paint MAY peel off if they are above this height.

Then set peelheight to 8, only paint above 8 MAY fall.

Now how to animate the height from 8 to 2 ?!?!?!?!?! Arrrrrggggg.....got no more hair to pull out !!! Tried inside the solver approach and also the DOP approach....wish I got more hair...


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