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Adding attributes to Array

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hey guys! 

I am new to arrays so I am a bit confused... 

I am doing a nearpoint function between some points which will return to me point numbers that I am storing as an attribute. Here, each point will have an attribute called @nearest with the nearest point number to them stored inside. 

I am trying to take all of these nearest point numbers and store them into an array however I am failing. I am trying to make a for loop where i is under the point number however my array is repeating itself for the same point (point zero will get [57,57,57,57,57,57,57,57,...... (until the number of points there is)] etc... 


Attached is a screenshot of my script. 

Any suggestions? 


Thanks!! :)


screenshot 2.JPG

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Also, you don't want to loop over every point  while running over points. That will run very slow. When you run over points you are essentially inside a loop already. To manually loop over points you want to change your Run Over to Detail mode. Then the wrangle will only run once, but on a single thread. When running  over points you get multi-thread acceleration for free.

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Thanks for the replies guys! I will try this method however I am not sure if this is what I want. 

What I am after is to get the list of all these points into 1 array for all the points. So point 1 will have the nearest point of all the other points into its array.


I will try your method to see what it does. 


Thanks again!! :)


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