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Setting COPS Image resolution


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Those are the project settings. Changes made to those affect only the current hip file, and are "live" (ie, changing the Res will cause all Generator COPs that aren't overriding the res to resize and recook to the new res).

What you want is the compositing Resolution Limit in Edit > Prefs > Compositing, Cooking tab. If you've already set that, I'm not sure why you'd be getting the resolution limit warning. You may want to check hcomposite.pref in $HOME/houdiniX.Y and see if cache.maxresx and cache.maxresy are set correctly to the values you're using.

Also, once you get this working, I highly recommend setting the proxy cooking resolution in the COPs view toolbar from "Full" to 25% or 12.5%.

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Anyone know how to change the maximum COP resolution within a hython process?

[I'm running heightfields from the command line.]

I want to affect ONLY the process, not the user's preferences.

$ grep max ~/houdini16.0/hcomposite.pref
cache.maxresy := 16000;
cache.maxresx := 16000;


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