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transform pieces question

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heya. I have a quick question about using the transform pieces

Basically what I want to do is delete half the simmed points coming out of dops before it goes into the transform pieces and get it to transform properly...

Usually I would delete the Packed geo instead of the simmed points which works fine but I am in  a tricky situation where I need to delete the simmed points instead.

I will attach a scene file for anyone willing to take this on !! Cheers :)


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not sure if this is what you want....ie. the other half is still visible and 'fixed'...is that correct ?

(I just copied your point numbers...of course you can select them however you like)


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you might aswell delete the points and then use a pointwrangle, first input the pieces, second input are the decimated points and use

if(nametopoint(1, s@name)==-1) removepoint(0, @ptnum);

to blast the pieces before feeding them into transform pieces.


yeah, not sure if thats what you want to avoid when you say "deleting packed geo" but thought i'd post it anyway

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