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select one face skip one, and so one

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groupbyrange, 1 of 2......that's saying outloud.....but needs to have an actual geo to see if will work, depending on how the geo was created

The 32 below is hardcoded...say you get geo from Maya. If you create a tube in Houdini, then it can be referenced from the tube and so is procedural, not hardcoded.


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another non procedural (but semi-procedural) way is simply drag select all the 'candidates'....so first  select all the midsection ones

in my example you'd see the numbers 32-63 populated in the Base Group.....then after the fact, add :N where N is every Nth so I've illustrated this case with 3....every third.



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i might be wrong about what you need but , another way of getting the result in h17 , the split sop , in the group you can specify number of primitives to split ,

1-numberOfPrimitives:2 , splits into 2 streams 

according to the houdini doc ,

Split is designed to divide your geometry into two separate streams, the portion that matches the group and the portion that doesn’t.




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