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Houdini 17 Crowd System Difficulties, Help Needed

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Hello everyone! I am relatively new to Houdini, and I am having some difficulty figuring out how to use Houdini 17's crowd system. It's a bit different than 16.5, strange things are happening, and I am not sure why. I am using my own character models and rigs, and I am having difficulty getting my animation clips to play at the appropriate time I set in the "crowd_sim" transitions.

My process is as follows:
⦁    Import each clip as a seperate FBX or Merge
⦁    Bake Agents
⦁    Go into agent node, ctrl click "Collision Layer" in "Crowds" dock
⦁        Add collision capsules for main bones
⦁        Put agent to "rest" pose when finished
⦁    With "Build Collision Layer" node selected, ctrl click "Configure Joints" in "Crowds" dock
⦁    Select Agent, click Populate
⦁    Select crowdsource, click simulate
⦁    Under crowd_sim, go to "crowdsource" (POP Source node)
⦁        Go to Attributes, set Inherited Velocity to 0
⦁    Go into crowd simulation node, add transitions

Any help or suggestions are needed and would be appreciated, thank you! 

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[sorry misread the original post]

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