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Combine 2 VellumDrape SOPs in same network

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Any Vellum experts able to tell me if its possible or even a 'best practice' 2 combine 2 or more Vellum Drape SOPS in the same network?

I have a character with under (Layer 0) and over (Layer 1) clothing meshes.

They seem to each require different draping settings in order to drape correctly. Hence my choice to have separate Vellum Drape operations in my network.

Afterwards I merge the geo and constraint outputs and feed into a single Vellum Solver for animation.

My separates drapes are correct and I've frozen and cached each.

But on final simulation (in the Vellum Solver) my geometry 'explodes'

Attached is a screen grab of my network and my Vellum Solver settings





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that shouldn't be an issue as long as your 2 layers are not penetrating 

there are some attribute conflicts however on your merge nodes so double check that everything has expected values coming into vellum solver 

it may be a good idea to remove all simulation attributes that drape may have created and keep only important constraint and vellum material attributes that vellum constraint nodes created

your screenshot is not informative at all, just shows what you already described, so hard to judge, simple scene would be better

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Was deconstructing the THUG example by Sara Rascon and wondering if a better approach is to avoid use of merge and use Cloth Constraint with Pin Animation after you've finished a drape

So you would have

Cloth Constraint-Layer0

Cloth Constraint-Layer0


ClothConstraint_Pin Animation for above

Cloth Constraint-Layer1

Cloth Constraint-Layer1



VellumSolver (for animation)

Dunno, still learning!


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