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RBD on fast moving collider

Hans Peter

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Hey guys,


little question about RBDs interacting with fast moving colliders here. So Lets sayI got rocks rolling down a mountain and the mountain shape start to fold/move rapidly. In this case the rocks stop roling and get pressed to the collision geometry - due to the speed of that collider. 

Any ideas or quick setups on how to counteractthis and get the stones roling again?




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substepsdo`t help in this scenario. the rbds dont have a chance to roll when the geo is folting so fast. they just gett pressed to the surface. imagine a landscape at 30 degrees angle which moves up to 90 very fast.


At the moment I`m thinking ofa dot product between the normal of the landscapeand the vel vector of the RBDs. If its alost one I would add some kind of force. 

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