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3d text morph tutorial ( far far away in aglaxy.. 2012 / 2013)

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Hi guys,

Far far far away, in a galaxy... there was someone that had a tutorial online about morphing a text into a logo. 
He did some font fixing, creat a trail of the morph, some rendering mantra stuff..

It was coming out at the same time as the CMIVFX ParticleFx tutorial.

I  know its a old one but I am looking for it but have no clue what the name is / or which company.

Im just looking for that specific name, not a solution to fix something ;-)



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The "cmiVFX-Houdini Particle Morphing Effects" covers virtually that though, it's not what you want? The end result of that tutorial you can fracture a thing (object or text) and morph to another thing.

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