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Found 15 results

  1. Hey everybody, This sop allows you to fit a text within a grid. If it is too big for the grid, it will resize. However, it is best to scale it after it fits inside a box, and the more words it has the longer it will take to calculate. Thought this might be useful to somebody in the future. Font_to_grid.hip
  2. Hi everybody! I need some help. How can I wrap text to a shape like on the picture below? UV layout wraps words in a shape but does it in a random way. I need to wrap a text in a shape yet to preserve the order of the words so the text makes sense. Any ideas or maybe some hda that can help with it? Thanks in advance
  3. Hello! I am struggling with solving a fairly simple problem: Create radial text/font in Houdini! The more obvious route of the bend sop deforms the text geometry and for my purpose this is not suitable! How can I take a long string (a small one line sentence made of a few words lets say), and copy every single letter/character separately on to points of a geometry as attributes? IE: I have a string called "Houdini", I want "H" to be copied on point 0, "o" on point 1, "u" on point 2, "d" on point 3 and so on... (in this case the geometry is a circle with variable point count with proper orientation vectors). After this is done, the font SOP can be used to read the string attributes through a copy stamp setup and generate the text as polymesh but I'm not sure how to generate the text on a single line and turn it into individual string attributes on a geometry. Will this require some sort of an array operation or loop? IE put the whole text into an array and run an array loop of sorts? I'm not very comfortable with arrays and not a programmer so I really hope that there is a simpler way! I will happily share the tool/asset if anyone can give me some guidance I would appreciate it thank you!
  4. I'm trying to replicate the text effect shown at the beginning of the attached video. Where the characters are randomized and then are replaced with ordered text. I hacked together something that is nearly a solution however it still have issues. I'm packing the characters in the font sop by centroid in a loop and using the resulting points to copy the random characters. But the alignment is messed up. Maybe someone can suggest a way to align the randomized letters. Or maybe someone can sagest a better way to create this effect in Houdini. thanks! matrix_decrypting_text_v1.hiplc
  5. Hello I have found some of the old topic which explain setup sublime text with houdini. But I still have no success. Can anyone here shows me a proper way to setup it? I installed jedi but maybe the way i setup is wrong? I followed a chinese topic here https://www.cnblogs.com/simonxia/p/4198114.html the old Houdini version setup is: " python_interpreter " : " Your Houdini installation path/Side Effects Software/Houdini/bin/hython.exe " , // additional python package path list " python_package_paths " : [ " Your Houdini installation path/Side Effects Software/Houdini/python27/libs " , " Your Houdini installation path/Side Effects Software/Houdini/houdini/python2.7libs " , " Your Houdini installation path/Side Effects Software/Houdini/python27/lib/site-packages " ], So I changed to this: { "python_interpreter" : "C:/Program Files/Side Effects Software/Houdini 18.5.351/bin/hython.exe", // additional python package path list "python_package_paths" : ["C:/Program Files/Side Effects Software/Houdini 18.5.351/python27/libs", "C:/Program Files/Side Effects Software/Houdini 18.5.351/python27/libs/python27.lib", "C:/Program Files/Side Effects Software/Houdini 18.5.351/python27/lib/site-packages" ], } Anyone can show me the direction? thanks
  6. Is there a way to align a text marker (i.e. a visualized text attribute) vertically? I'm dealing with thin, tall objects nearby (like skyscrapers) and horizontal text markers are not very useful, because it's hard to tell which object they refer to.
  7. Hello, i think this will be simple for someone more experienced. i have two vector primitive attributes and i want to write them in a text file so-------> v1.x, v1.y v1.z, n1.x, n1.y ,n1.z , v2.x, v2.y v2.z, ....etc for each primitive this is how far i am now ############# READ ATTRIBUTES ###################### for prim in geo.prims() : pos = hou.Vector3(prim.attribValue('pos')) dir = hou.Vector3(prim.attribValue('dir')) data = str(pos) + "," + str(dir) ############# WRITE TO TEXT FILE ###################### myfile = '$HIP/lattice.txt' with open(myfile, 'w') as f: for item in data: f.write("%s\n" % item) spits out this nonsense, splits every character to a new line [ - 1 7 5 2 , - 1 1 9 . 0 3 , 1 4 6 4 ] , [ 0 , 3 0 . 9 0 1 4 , 0 ]
  8. Hello, Is the option to save as text not available in houdini indie? I don't see that option on my indie license. Or is the option somewhere else in h17? Thanks
  9. Hi guys, Far far far away, in a galaxy... there was someone that had a tutorial online about morphing a text into a logo. He did some font fixing, creat a trail of the morph, some rendering mantra stuff.. It was coming out at the same time as the CMIVFX ParticleFx tutorial. I know its a old one but I am looking for it but have no clue what the name is / or which company. Anyone? Im just looking for that specific name, not a solution to fix something ;-) thnx
  10. Hello good people, 2 quick questions regarding importing track data in Houdini: 1) I have single tracker tracked in nuke and I want to import that track movement in Houdini. How to do that? 2) If I have track data in text file (say track.txt), how to import it in houdini and have same exact movement? Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi there Odforce! I had a small question which I hope someone will know the answer to! When i'm in the COP context, and I create a text node, how can I then get the actual width of the text? As you can see in the top part of the image, there is quite a lot of black padding around the word "Layer". When I drag the text outside of the actual canvas, you can see the blue rectangle that represents the actual size of the word. Is there any way I can query the size of that blue rectangle? Some more background on what I'm trying to achieve: I would like to move and resize the text to a specific location within a canvas. The text however, isn't predefined, so I would need to know the actual size and position of the text without manually having to override the size to minimize the background behind the letters. Thank you all for your time!
  12. I use a Ligature Symbols font , in inkscape when i type time word can display a icon,but in houdini still show time word,can not show icon for me.How to solve it? my friends. Maybe I should say a more detailed: i use font http://kudakurage.com/ligature_symbols/ IconFont.hip
  13. Hi, Please have a look at the attached project. How can I have the text disappear at frame 30, when the particles takes over? And how can I have a more interesting turbulence of the particles? Thank you for your helpfullness! Stig toto.hipnc
  14. Hi All, I have a bunch of cached volumes running through a for each. When i middle mouse over it i can't see the whole list, naturally because it would take more of the screen. I am aware i can open the extended information box and go to the volume resolution section to see the list. Is there a way to see this information in the text port or in the python shell. My thinking was if i navigate in the textport to the foreach i could do something from there. Any ideas Thanks Saqib
  15. Hi, I am trying to write a custom plugin to draw text data in viewport using HDK. I am trying to use OGL_Render:: textMove3W and OGL_Render::putString function and calling it from within myCookSop which crashes houdini as soon as I use the putString function. I am also overriding renderShaded function but I am having trouble calling this function. Can anyone point me a piece of code that shows what functions I need to implement and from where and how do I call them. Thanks!
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