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Apply character sculpt after animation


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I have a character model loaded into the render scene. I have animation cache of this character applied via transfer of the point position from animation to the model (ANIMATED).

I have a sculpted model as well and I can apply sculpting the same way (SCULPTED). But I can't understand if its possible to use both at the same time so I will have sculpted model animated. In addition to the obvious displacement solution.

Here is the scene file: applySculpt_001.hipnc

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Hi, Victor,

I can't download your file, getting an error. Can you, please, re-submit it? Thanks! 

Also... I don`t know why, but  @P = @opinput1_P works even with the different amount of points (see my attached file): SCULPT is a subdivided version of MODEL and MODEL deforming correctly by SCULPT points. I did not expect such behavior as well, but it is working.

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Thanks, Victor!
There are two issues with your solution:
- it does not work with my animation
- I need to output the original model (MODEL) but not SCULPT.

But point deform (which is Houdini 'wrap deformer' if I understand correctly) was a nice hint! Thanks!


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As i wrote before the animation not available for me because when you're locking Sop node you're freezing one current frame. If your static model identical to animated model you can use your old wrangle "transfer_ANM" to transfer animation. But maybe i misunderstood you.  

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