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Finished Work: Tornados

MIguel P

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heh heh...very nice!...reminds me of X-Men 2...

one sugestion would be to add another layer of particles to give a better sense that the tornados are connected/derive from the cloud layer...


Yes, it's inspired in the x-men 2 tornados :)

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De verdad? Que bueno, pues has empezado bien en esto del 3D, con Houdini si senyor! Lo mejor de lo mejor.

Yo estoy en Aula Tematica ensenyando Houdini en Madrid hemos sido los primeros en introducir este software en nuestro pais, asi que me encanta ver otras personas que tambien lo estan usando/aprendiendo.

Suerte y saludos.


Gracias, la verdad es que llevo 1 mes con houdini, y me gustaria llegar a lo mas alto con

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ha! well, I am 6 , and one my frend is supervisor and hi is  7.... :D

:D :D

looks good MIguel ;)




Have I understood you badly or you don't believe me? :huh:

Don't call me MIguel... The capital I strained when I am writting my name :D

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much better...

the cloud cover has a bit of a 'boiling' look to it rather than a rolling/shifting mass...and I'd add yet another layer of sparse particles as atmospherics to give a better sence of depth and scale...

keep going! :)

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