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Curve parallel offset


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Hey guys!

I tryed to make a parralel offset of curve so it moves evenly compared to it's original apperiance. I couldn't do it without sweep node. Because I needed not only normal pointing to proper direction but also needed it's magnitude to push points with proper strength. For this I used "Angle fix" option in sweep node. Other method gave me a proper normal, but it was normalized.

How would you do it with other methods?



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Hi Atom. Thanks for the reply.

Yes, I'm aware of Polyexpand node. In fact I liked it a lot, but it didn't give me the effect i wanted, although it gave another good result (attached the image). If it used on an open curve, it expands a curve in all directions, not thw way I wanted. But anyway I'll check it one more time, I may missed something about it.

vex doodles_1.jpg

vex doodles_1b.jpg

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Use Sweep SOP with the curve as backbone and a Line  SOP in the x direction, Enumerate SOP  the line points, then after the sweep, delete SOP the points which you don't want (group: @index==0), then Add SOP / by group

You'll still have to handle somehow the case where the curvature of the curve is less than the length of the line, you'll maybe have to read some differential geometry..


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