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Drink And Drive :d


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particles (trying to get believable motion for particles)


click on pic to see movie file..

If I do not get too lazy, I am thinking to add smoke ;)

and textures on sircles/leaves..

I did not model car,

BGR image from internet (just use to get the feeling)

original pic in attachment.





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car the only thing I do not did in houdini, (it is *.bgeo file sequence)

and it is hand animated ( I was thinking to do very bumpy,

so I can do some interesting interaction with particles..

but maybe I did too bampy ;)

I was 2D character animator for 10 years..

this is reason maybe it looks is too bumpy :HAHA)

yeah.. it was particle exercise not animation, so that's the reason I do not want to

spend more time animating then adjusting particles,

specialy now start messing with DOPs :D


BIG thanks



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Well you have way more patience than me to animate that by hand :). With a clever expression you could do the same thing, and have a great deal of control over it. Just my take...either way it looks good so far. :)

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hmm.. it is not totally hand animated..

I have spline with helpers START _FINISH to controll the trajectory,

and other staff. rigs for the car and wheels ..

but other than that I have another channel with key-animations..

I found it easier and faster to place keyFrames, then by expressions...

(to do bounces, when I need and how I need) :)


I did some time ago a learning test

(with another particle system)..

same car and leaves interaction...

so this time I was trying to repeat the same thing in houdini

that exercise was for learning too.. ( I was learning that particle system on the job)

here is the old one:


( click on PIC)




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How about a (video) tutorial,

right now I am busy with writing books... ;)

HEHEHE... (just joking)

thanks addic3d for reply, but I am in the learning process ...

besides flicker, it's lookin really deadly.

hey Jeff! thank you ... (will send you book as soon as I finish :)

that flickering I did on purpose, just to see if some one noticed :D



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