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Copy UVs to other faces


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Hello all!

I have a series of blocks that I am projecting a texture onto.



In my animation the image breaks apart into individual blocks like pixels. The issue I run into is how can I carry the texture on the front face of the geom onto the rest of the sides?


To create the blocks for the anim, I am generating a bunch of points and adding noise the the positions. The block models are being copied to the points, converted, then UVs projected. Any guidance would be a huge help! 




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hi, my first approach would be to start with a flat grid first, unwrap it, then copy it over to the area you need, and then extrude it to form cubes. polyExtrude SOP offers some basic (but handy) options for auto-generating uvs based on existing coordinates. this should do the trick. cheers. 

actually, sorry, this wouldn't work with camera projection :-/

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