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Vellum - to much stretching

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I am using Vellum to pull a silk scarf from an object.

So far I like the result and some simulation tests with lower grid resolution look cool.

Now, since I increased the subdivisions of the silk geo, I get strange artefacts and super stretching.

I want it more like silk, so actually very, very low stretching.

Because of the stretching, the silk sticks to harder corners what then looks again not good.

I playerd around with the Stretch values, but seems not really to work.

The substeps are on 6, iterations actually quite low on 10 since increasing them, makes everything worst.

Could you direct me to a better setup?

Thx alot! :)


edit: I found Sara Rascon's Tutorial about vellum and followed some of her tips to get a nicer silk material.
But still, as soon as the silk is getting pulled of the object, it looks like stretch fabric.


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I just wanna give a quick a reply: i seems that I really just have to increase substeps and iterations alot....

dont know, if that is the solution, still simulating.

But for now it already looks better.

Anyone know, if thats the only way?

thx :)

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The reason why you are getting a lot more stretching, and the reason increased substeps and constraint iterations help, is because you are adding a lot more points to the high res mesh. More points = more constraints = more constraint iterations/substeps for the constraints to reach the required stiffness. The only workaround, other than the substep constraint iterations route, is to use a lot less points in your mesh. The less points you have, the faster the vellum sim will become stiff.

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