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Tileable Noise


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@rohandalvi was asking on Twitter about tiling noise in Houdini. It seemed like this should be easy to do. That should have been a warning sign.  Doing this right is much harder but here is a super quick blur based noise tiler:


Since blurring is feature agnostic, it does not make for the best tiles but may be good enough for some cases.

Hip file attached.


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Check out the liked thread. I think the aproach is much more elaborate. As i'm understanding it the idea is to bend the noises sampling position in a way that the start and the endpoint are meeting each other.


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Hi Niels,

I tried the torus route as suggested on twitter:


float r_torus = chf('radius_torus');
float r_tube = chf('radius_tube');
float freq = chf('frequency');

v@pos_rest = v@P;
vector bbox = relbbox(0, v@P) * M_TWO_PI;

v@P.x = (r_torus + r_tube * cos(bbox.x)) * cos(bbox.z);
v@P.y = (r_torus + r_tube * cos(bbox.x)) * sin(bbox.z);
v@P.z = r_tube * sin(bbox.x);

v@Cd = noise(v@P * vector(freq));
v@P = v@pos_rest;



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