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Redshift stylesheets and cryptomatte

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Hi, I'm trying to setup and use stylesheets with redshift and not having much luck. The main thing I'm trying to do is override the redshift Object ID so that I can have unique IDs appear in the cryptomatte per point. All I've done is a voronoi shatter, then assembled them with packing on. I haven't had any luck past this point. If someone can point me in the right direction would be helpful or propose an alternative solution. The only other thing I can find or think of is assigning per point materials but this is out of the question since there will be 2000+ points.

The post here seems to mean that this is possible:

I've also gone over the Mantra way of doing this here several times without any progress:



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have you tried to override something else? like material color or something that definitely works? i suspect you can't override ObjectID as that's not either material or render parameter. what I would do is a custom AOV based on objectID or per-piece attribute and use that instead - no need for stylesheets.

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Well i tried overriding the object ID as a "surface parameter" which allowed me to select it. The only way i was able to see any change though was by manually changing the ID but of course this changes every point to the same ID. I've thought about using a custom AOV but with 2000+ points, selecting just one when in nuke would be really difficult and annoying.

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