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Iteration box doesn't grow ?

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nothing is happening as you are trying to "scale" each point of your curve, not the box.

Even if we fix your scene, logic is wrong. By "scaling" point - you are just changing it's position relatively to the centroid. That's all.


Therefore it is very hard to understand what were you trying to do. If you are trying to grow cube, what is that curve for ?

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1 hour ago, CinnamonMetal said:

I want the cube to grow larger per each iteration; you did the curve ;) 

no, that's what YOU did...I'm copying your action from the right loop....hence I said I'm guessing that you're trying to do...

what I fixed is so that as you adjust iteration, you can see it responds in the viewport

here's where it increases the size of the box...but why bother looping it ? Why not just use a wrangle and create a slider as the "iteration" (or Multiplier) ?


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@Noobini What I mean't was; for each iteration the cube scales larger and larger; rather then all the cubes scaling at once based on the pScale attribute ?

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What is the different between a local variable the other variables used within Houdini ?

I'm wondering because when you create an attribute from the iteration attribute you get the same attribute in this case iteration, only now it's a float along with a string attribute called varmap ?

And must you copy the iteration metadata attribute using an attribute copy; can one not simply read the iteration attribute from the metadata in a wrangler ? 

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