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imported Alembic broken UVs

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I suspect it's a difference with the abc itself. Because you locked them and didn't provide the original abc, it's harder to diagnose. Some of the procedures where I tried to line up the uvs between the sets of geo with the same point count didn't work. If you could re-upload one more time, but this time include the abc in a .zip file, and timeshift to the frame you want, instead of locking the abcs, then there should be no more extra variables that could be causing the difference. Do that, and I'll check it out again.

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Something seems weird with the obj/alembic export you used. I wrote out a obj from the alembic, and I got the same uvs on the alembic and the obj, so I'm not certain what went wrong with your setup. In the attached scene, you can see that they are the same. 


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