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Problems with two FLIP objects colliding

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So I'm in the middle of creating a waterfall scene which is going to flow down some geometry and collide with a lake. I've set up both the emitters for the waterfall and the wave tank for the lake in separate DOP networks. 

However when i try and bring the particles in from the waterfall into the lake DOP the particles don't seem to be having any interaction, the waterfall particles just fall though my static objects even though they should be colliding.

Any help would be appreciated


Edit* I've noticed that the bounding box in the flip solver was not including the waterfall particles which fixes the problem of them not moving however the particles still do not interact with the wave tank.


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Hey, did you find a solution for that ? I'm in the same situation.  

a quick solution that I  thought: convert your waterfall sim in to vdb an make them static for the lake.. make sense?


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Posted (edited)

Inside the waterfall sim you are specifying the same sources under the initial tab and sourcing the volume. Instead, reference the ocean spectrum particles for the initial data and keep the waterfall particles for the sourcing. Remember to turn off Initialize Velocity on the FluidObject to start off with a calmer surface.


NOTE: Your collision object does have some holes in it that are revealed at higher particle separation counts.



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