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Fluid Simulation - Fatal error: Segmentation fault

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Hi there everyone.
Hope you are all doing well.

So for a white now I have had some issues with Houdini 17 and 17.5 fluids.
I am trying to create a river sim, but when I cache out my sim using Hqueue or just a "cache in the backgroud", The sim just stops or fails. This morning I woke up and had a Fatal error: Segmentation fault.

I am was on windows but it was not activated as I had a huge hardware update but but it could nto find my Linked Windows key or something.
I have now switched to Linux and I am currently on Ubuntu.

This is my First time on Linux so I do not know what I am doing lol.
I cannot even get Hqueue to Restart so I have to reinstall it every time.
I tried this one, but it didnt work.

My Hardware
CPU - Threadripper 2970wx
Motherboard - MSI Pro gaming Carbon AC
Ram - 128 GB Corsair Vengence LP
SSD -  Samsung 2TB

Please find the attached output log and Diagnostic Info.




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Posted (edited)

Have you checked if your current simulation is exceeding your physical ram? That typically will do it. Are you overclocking anything? That can do it. Has you system passed the Prime95 test? Are all your memory chips matched in spec? Chips from different vendors can vary. If your motherboard has dual memory channels, try turning off if you don't have matched memory chip pairs.

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Posted (edited)

Hi there Atom, 
Thank you for your Response.

I use the htop in the terminal to monitor the ram, I think during that sim I think the Ram was only sitting at around 16GB of 128.

Everything is set to stock.
The CPU is clocked at 3GHZ, the Ram at 2166.

I did the Prime 95 test on Windows and it was fine.
I have not tested it on Ubuntu yet.

Yes, all my Ram Sticks are the same, I got the 128 GB back set.
the Board is quad channel memory.

I am going to do a windows test now as well to see how it goes.

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