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Exploding Fruit!


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Hello, there good people, I really need help with this subject and I don't know what am I doing wrong to not get my replies on my posts  If anyone knows why please help. Anyways I wanted to get a fruit to explode and be squishy, So  Fracture RBD isn't really an option. And when I try FEM  you can't really create a shell object as it fills the whole object with tets. Plus FEM is so slow and unstable -Don't know if I am doing something wrong-. Also, a sidenote how do I add custom exploding force to FEM Sims.
Thank you so much in advance and I really hope someone helps me out as this is driving me crazy. 

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You are doing nothing wrong I guess. Probably they haven't been seen from the people that know the answer to your questions.

Anyway I have never done something like this if not for a strange pumpkin, but maybe I can give you some ideas if don't mind.


If I think at exploding FEM with a shell I think at this video. In my opinion the result is really good and I have seen similar ones on fruit juice commercials, but maybe we have different ideas on how it should look. 


Another possibility could be to fracture the shelled object and simulate it as a rigid body with hard constraints. Of course this will create some gaps between the rigid pieces. After you cached the simulation you can close them by testing the distance between every pair of points on the edges. If the distance between the two points is smaller than a certain threshold (so there is a gap between them) you modify their position and keep them in the same position, otherwise they stay in their simulated position. This is going to create a nice breaking/tearing effect and in addition of that you can use all the rbd tricks you know.


I think these days you can also get some great results with vellum with a little bit of experience with it.


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Hey Andrea, I have no excuse to justify my delay in thanking you other than personal unforeseen events. Anyways thank you so much for your help. I ended up doing a poor man's version by doing RBD fracture then converting them to FEM with mesh target and doing a switch to switch from the first frame to the beginning of the FEM sim.

Anyways I stumbled upon this a few days ago and thought it might help people out and help the creator of it too. 


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