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Maintain pivot locations from Maya using Alembic

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Alembic packed geometry has a pivot intrinsic which sits on the centroid of each primitive. Is there a way to transfer an object from Maya and maintain the pivots that were set there?


thank you

and I was wondering if there is a way to

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this might give you what you are after. Disclaimer: im reading packedfulltransform, not pivot. You can modify it if needed.

run over points

matrix m = primintrinsic(0,'packedfulltransform',@ptnum);
@orient = quaternion(matrix3(m));

//transform fix
matrix xform = primintrinsic(0, "packedfulltransform", @ptnum);
@P = {0,0,0};
@P *=xform;

//rotation in degrees
matrix matx = qconvert(@orient);
vector extracted = cracktransform(0, 0, 1, @P, matx);
v@rotation = extracted;

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