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Help doing the right choice about school


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Hello, I'm asking to this forum because I didn't find real answers about my education problem.

I am a french student in 2nd year of 3D Generalist, and since 3 years I know i would like to be a VFX Artist, using Houdini. So I train myself regularly and render some works. 

Before I came to this school, I asked if there was Houdini course and they told me yes you will have it if you come. Then in first year they told me it will be in 2nd year. Then when I came in 2nd year they told me it will be in 3rd year and we'll have 8 hours a week. Then 1 week ago they told me it will be only 4h30.

I'm disapointed because I came to this school for working my FX skills. We do great stuff for everything, but I don't want to be a rigger, a chara designer or an animator. 

I'm afraid to stay in this school, because I know I could work on myself on Houdini and don't pay thousands of bucks for skills I will never use (Except rendering and lighting stuff). I'm also afraid to leave the school if I couldn't find work (Even if we don't need a diploma for this stuff, in France it matter more than in other countries).

So next year we will have only 4h30 a week for 15 weeks. Then we will work on our grade movie and it will be cool for Houdini. But does it worth it ? I would like to have your opinion.

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If you drop school, you will lose the money you already spent. If you need to spend muuuch more then you already played to get the diploma it could be an option though.

Take into account:
- the knowledge you are getting in school is valuable not only because you get some particular tricks in certain software, but more because you get a high-level overview of the industry processes. The soft and tricks are changes very fast, workflows and math not. 
- you never know how your life may turn, the skills you considering redundant may become super useful.
- you can learn what you miss by yourself, there is no school which meets your current desires 100%
- the diploma also has value in addition to knowledge, it would be much more easy to get a job offer. 

If I were you, I would definitely finish school. And work very hard to produce astonishing grade movie with lots of FX to use it as a demo reel to get your dream job.

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Kiryha's advice is pretty good.
But this one:

2 hours ago, kiryha said:

And work very hard to produce astonishing grade movie with lots of FX to use it as a demo reel to get your dream job

est imparable.
Une fois que tu seras dans le circuit du travail, tu n’aura plus vraiment le temps pour faire un vrai bon movie qui défonce (autre chose que des bout a bout de tests divers), a mettre dans ta demo reel, et du coup tu risque de mettre beaauucoup plus longtemps a obtenir le job de tes reves.

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Thank you for your advices.


It's very hard to keep a step back on this, because there is no exact recipe to how to enter this industry. I hope this thread could help other people in my situation, because it's more frustrating if you know exactly what you what to do, and you have to practice other stuff before.

Anyway I got my results on monday, so I will stay at school and grin and bear it. Then continue to work on Houdini on free time.


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