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Found 21 results

  1. I'm new to VEX, and I am having a hard time remembering the functions, conditions etc. I guess I need more practice, but how can I get good at using them in create ways to solve problems better?
  2. Some new Course!
  3. Hey guys, im looking to step up my pyro/fluid understanding and study Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) since i already got an engineering background. My question, is CFD preferable to learn for computing simulations in houdini? Or maybe another branch of fluid calculations that i know not of? Thanks.
  4. Hey Guys. I made this little quicktip video about collision optimization. Have a watch if you fancy.
  5. Abstract Visuals - Houdini and Redshift Link: http://bit.ly/2ZFfdti This course is about the creation of visual abstract effects in Houdini. At the same time, this course is also about Redshift for Houdini. Things we create together: abstract lines, geometric shapes, crystals out of this world and an ornametal structure. At the end of this course we are going through a pdg pipeline for redshift. I'm looking forward to the course! See you in the course! Tim
  6. Hello, I'm asking to this forum because I didn't find real answers about my education problem. I am a french student in 2nd year of 3D Generalist, and since 3 years I know i would like to be a VFX Artist, using Houdini. So I train myself regularly and render some works. Before I came to this school, I asked if there was Houdini course and they told me yes you will have it if you come. Then in first year they told me it will be in 2nd year. Then when I came in 2nd year they told me it will be in 3rd year and we'll have 8 hours a week. Then 1 week ago they told me it will be only 4h30. I'm disapointed because I came to this school for working my FX skills. We do great stuff for everything, but I don't want to be a rigger, a chara designer or an animator. I'm afraid to stay in this school, because I know I could work on myself on Houdini and don't pay thousands of bucks for skills I will never use (Except rendering and lighting stuff). I'm also afraid to leave the school if I couldn't find work (Even if we don't need a diploma for this stuff, in France it matter more than in other countries). So next year we will have only 4h30 a week for 15 weeks. Then we will work on our grade movie and it will be cool for Houdini. But does it worth it ? I would like to have your opinion.
  7. Howdo Im looking for some advice. Im teaching at a small private school in Vancouver, and its coming upto final project time. Unfortunately rendering on their workstations isnt quite going to cut it when it comes to crunch. I was wondering what experience other education houses have had with various providers, setup, their support lines and bang for buck. Did you need to have a seperate holding server for up/downloads There is only a handful of students so we wouldnt be sending the volume of data some of the larger schools can for big discounts. And as well as Houdini educational edition it would have to support maya too, but i think most do anyway Any help/thoughts greatfully received Ed
  8. I just signed up for Houdini classes CGMA because my portfolio needed some work, anyone taken a class with them before? https://www.cgmasteracademy.com/programs/7-houdini-fx-program
  9. Houdini tutorial VOL 01 Houdini Training Package number 1: Educator : Amin Sadeghvand | Software : HOUDINI 15.5 | Level : Medium | Duration : 13 hr | Volume : 4.31 GB| Quality : HD | Language : English . Website
  10. New tutorial available at cgcircuit. Creating explosion https://www.cgcircuit.com/tutorial/explosion-with-pyrofx-series-2
  11. New tutorial at CMIVFX about creating fire and flames, check it out
  12. Hello guys. I was wondering if you have any recomandations for places to learn, like websites, youtube channels, vimeo channels, news, blogs, anything useful, that gets updated often. I was thinking it would be a good idea to share sites from which we learn. If you're self-educated, you'll know how important Lester Banks (http://lesterbanks.com) or the FxHive channel is. I can't thank these guys enough. One of my favorites are the Entagma guys, but i guess everyone knows them, they are famous now Also, because i come from C4D, i get a lot of inspiration from Beeple, i've heard he's also famous
  13. New quick tutorial explaining basics of Houidni clusterin for Pyro and creating flare effects. https://cmivfx.com/houdini-pyro-and-cluster-simulations
  14. I 'm beginner in houdini and I want to make like this effects Anyone know idea behind these car effects ?? https://vimeo.com/105567322
  15. Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know that Pluralsight Creative (formerly Digital Tutors) is offering a newly designed, "Introduction to Houdini 15" course. It's a little over 7 hours and has about 45 lessons. You can check it out now for free through December. The promotion includes some more advanced courses in addition to the Intro to H15;Creating Custom Shaders in Houdini, Building FX Tools in Houdini, Image-Based Rigid Body Destruction in Houdini, and Advanced Rigid Body Dynamics using Proxy Objects in Houdini. Here is a course description and a link to the free promotion: Free through December: https://www.digitaltutors.com/promotion/houdini-15 Introduction to Houdini 15 Course Description: In this Houdini 15 tutorial, you’ll develop the skills you need to get up and running. You’ll get the most out of this course when you’re brand new to Houdini, but still have a basic understanding of general 3D concepts. We’ll start with the first time you ever launch Houdini and walk through creating an awesome effects shot. Along the way, you’ll learn some of the most powerful aspects of this node-based software such as the key concepts of the Houdini user interface, basic geometry manipulation and polygon modeling. We'll also explore how to import geometry, create custom user interfaces, apply materials and manipulate UVs. We’ll get our feet wet in each step of the pipeline, including modeling, animation, dynamics, lighting and rendering to construct a dramatic FX shot using rigid bodies and fractured geometry. By the end of this Houdini training, you’ll be able to dive into the other amazing Houdini content in our library with confidence. Thanks everyone and I hope you have a great weekend! -johnCrief
  16. On Thursday November 26th, the University of South Australia will host a visual effects industry night in the Hartley Playhouse at Magill campus. Come along and hear from recruiters from three of Australia's biggest visual effects companies - Rising Sun Pictures, Animal Logic and Iloura. The night will provide the opportunity to network with key industry figures, find out what it takes to break into industry, and discover new opportunities to learn visual effects at the University of South Australia and Rising Sun Pictures. Space is limited so be sure to secure your ticket today - it's free!: Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/unisa-visual-effects-industry-night-tickets-19138436579​ And for more information please go to this event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1016445388377238/ When: Thursday November 26th, 6pm - 9.30pm Where: Hartley Playhouse (D1-09), Magill Campus, University of South Australia
  17. Hello everyone this is my new training, hope you like it, more in formation on www.hossamfx.org . from https://vimeo.com/user44594439 on https://vimeo.com. This training focuses on how to create procedural nerve cells system in Houdini. It covers the using of many Houdini nodes in the SOPs level, like the for-each loop, vop nodes, polygonal nodes, using attribute’s nodes and creating geometry based on attributes. The course covers various procedural modeling technics in the new versions of HoudiniFX using Houdini nodes without use scripting. The last result is system to generate nerve cells from any model like box or sphere or human head. This training aimed to the intermediate Houdini’s users. Hossam Aldin Alaliwi Regards !
  18. Hello Everyone, I recently launched my new training series titled "Texture building and Materials in Houdini" Promo The main purpose of this training is to help users understand the texture and material building system in Houdini. The topics covered in this training range from a basic understanding of using color maps, using patterns and noise maps, modifying and distorting UV maps, using For Loop to create complex repeating and random textures and also creating a custom physically based shader using the physically based shading nodes available in Houdini. For more information you can click on the link given below http://www.rohandalvi.net/textures/ SPECIAL ONE DAY DISCOUNT - 20th Dec. $10 off on each part of "Tea and Cookies" and "Floating Island" Series http://www.rohandalvi.net/commercial regards Rohan Dalvi
  19. Lost Boys school of Visual Effects is very excited to announce their new FX TD full time program. Visual effects work and Houdini artists for feature film are in an ever increasing demand in the Vancouver Visual FX industry and worldwide. There is a high demand for FX technical directors skilled in problem solving, the craft of FX work, and the tools required (Houdini, Nuke). The new FX TD program will be one of the most comprehensive diplomas offered in both Houdini and feature film FX in the world. The full time eight month program will guide the students through learning the general principles of fx work, 3D graphics, and compositing, all with a fully Houdini and FX centric range of projects, ranging from generalism, destruction, pyro and fluid simulation, to on the job computer sciences, and compositing for FX. The course will be taught by FX Industry veteran and Houdini author/trainer Andrew Lowell. Andrew has worked at numerous studios worldwide such as Rhythm and Hues, CIS Vancouver, Animal Logic, and Digital Domain. Andrew is experienced both in basics training / fundamental generalist methodology, as well as applying his practical FX industry experience to impart valuable production skills that are very sought after in formal education. Andrew was highly recommended for the program by SideFX (Houdini). At Lost Boys, we believe our purpose is to train the necessary analytical, creative and technical skills to get started in the Visual Effects (VFX) Industry as quickly as possible, while still upholding a high standard of excellence. To achieve, this we balance production simulations (including filming plates), project driven disciplined exercises and technical demonstrations delivered by industry professionals. Our students are industry prepared and hit the ground running with extensive ties to local studios, and a 98% placement rate. During the program each student is assigned their own workstation and have 24/7 access to our inspirational studio training environment. FX TD (Houdini) Program Course Length: 8 months intensive Fees: $ 27,900.00 CND ($29,900.00 for international students) Student Requirements: Entry level, see admission page http://www.lostboys-studios.com/ http://www.facebook.com/SchoolOfVFX
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