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Can't Get Field Force To Work


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Hi everyone,

I'm doing some testing for a shot, it's my first time using the Field Force DOP and I can't seem to get it to work. I think I followed the help documentation exactly, but something's going wrong.

I have a basic RBD setup in SOPS (see the red area in the attached photo), as well as some geo to act as a field (see the green area). As you can see, this geo has an attribute VOP where the points are assigned velocity values.

In the DOP network, I can actually see the force vectors drawn in the viewport, and they match the velocities I applied in SOPS, indicating that the values are indeed being properly read. However, when I kick off the simulation, nothing happens. I tried kicking up the Scale Force attribute way up, but this still didn't help.

I've attached the file itself, if anyone feels like giving it a look.


I'd appreciate any advice you may have!



DOP Network.png

Field Force.hip

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On 8/27/2019 at 12:40 PM, jamesearnest244 said:

That does indeed work. However when I now try to time the force to activate on a certain frame, this somehow breaks the setup and again doesn't work. Any ideas?

it's because you for some reason removed default expression in sopgeo1/Time parameter

so now it always evaluates the input geo at the time 0, if you put back $T it should update correctly

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