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importing Cops images


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Hi, I've created some masks from heightfields and got them ready edited in a Cops network. I could render export, and import the mask.

But im looking for away to directly use the result from the Cop network into a texture file, for use of an layer mix.

Hope its clear what I mean.

Thanks in advance!

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1 hour ago, Marcomeeuwse said:

so apparently if you would drop down a copnet node into the obj level is does not find the cops inside

you mean op: referencing them in the shader doesn't work from /obj/cop2net1 network? seems to work for me

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well coming back at it. it didnt work both ways. i'm still stuck on creating a .rat file for masking first, then typing ../../img/img1/Dirt_mask in the texture fieldname. houdini is able to find the node but the houdini console says its unable to load the texture.

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