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Drive Particles from Point A to Point B

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I didn't watch the video until the end, but I guess you can use a POP Steer Seek, using 1 goal for each particle by matching an "ID" attribute, inside a POP network. You can use two nodes (initial states with a set of points as goals, and a final state with another set of points - in SOP - as final goals). Then you increase the force of one while decreasing the force on the other, by keyframing these parameters. And maybe use a third node like POP Wind to add the swirls in between, always adjusting the force of each node so that only one is "active" at some point.

Didn't tried but you can give a look.

Additionally you can of course use a multisolver and a sop solver to adjust size of your particles during each phase of your morph.

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That looks promising, JO, thank you very much. I dont have the time to give it try right now but I'll need this in a couple of days

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