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How to emit smoke from fractured objects

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Hi all,

I've been trying to create a structure destruction by exploding some building.

I created RBD simulation, then i moved forward to create the smoke but as soon as i applied the debris shelf tool the whole model changes into smoke and doesn't even move.

I also tried to do it manually but same problem occured.

I want it to emit smoke as soon as model breaks into pieces & I am not able to do it. If some have any knowledge regarding the please help.

Thank You.

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Personally I would stay away from shelf tools. Most of the time they don't do what you want when you combine them. Try to understand what they do instead.

Here is a blueprint of what you are trying to do, maybe it helps:



It's a multi-step approach. First create debris points, emit from them, then use the emitted points as a pyro source.

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