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Realistic Mud with PBR & Mantra

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I'm trying to get what is on the left to look what is at the top to that on the bottom.

I've been trying by adjusting reflection on the PBR reflect vop, changing numerous HDRI images, changing the diffuse color, seems I can't get the look I'm trying to achieve. I want the material to look almost identical to the picture at the bottom.

What am I doing wrong, must I layer more PBR reflective vops, a different HDRI image, then again the material should look the same regardless of the HDRI image used.



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Not sure I fully understand the question, but what I can say
When it comes to this kind of materials the crucial parameter (or texture) is the rougness.

the pictures below was done with a substance material (totally procedural). Basically the base roughness (surface imperfection) is "multiplied" with a mix of height and slope channel.
Also reflection, but roughness is really the key. Once you get a correct roughness map (or channel) no need of multiple layer ofreflexion.
The final material used for render the second image is pretty simple. (the first image is a capture done in substance)

You can get it here as it is free.
You can studie it or use it, if it can do the job. Stepmarks can easily replaced by footprints.



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its probably the lighting and perspective you need to match more closely. The reflections in the reference look overcast, so try an overcast sky instead of your sunny one.

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