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Redshift material in SceneView

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Been trying to get this python plugin working without any luck.
Guessing the issue is my houdini.env file but after endless tweaking still no results. ie when I right-click inside a matnet I don't get the extra options made available by the plugin!

here are the relevant lines from my houdini.env file

GDT = /home/jim/houdini17.5/GameDevToolset/17.5/1.131
REDSHIFT = /usr/redshift/redshift4houdini/17.5.360
JDBT = /home/jim/jdb_houdinitoolkit/

PATH = /home/jim/houdini17.5/GameDevToolset/17.5/1.131/bin:/usr/redshift/bin:$PATH

HOUDINI_CUSTOM_PATH = $HOUDINI_PATH:/home/jim/jdb_houdinitoolkit/python_panels:&


All of the variables trace out correctly if I issue an echo from a textport window and both GDT and Redshift load correctly.

Can anyone see anything wrong?



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I am a super new user so maybe this is not helpful - but had similar problems getting it t to work. Here is the version that works for me 


HOUDINI_CUSTOM_PATH = "$HOUDINI_PATH;S:/3dm/houdini/jdb_rS_tools/python_panels;&"

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