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How to shatter animated objects?

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Hey there guys! I was playing with a little Mixamo animation I downloaded. The animation consists of a dude falling down, I want it to fracture when he falls down and have a little control over that.

So I tried to import the Mixamo, convert it, file cache it and apply a simple RBD glued sim. I changed the source to be a deforming active object so the shattering applies to the animated mesh. I tried to play with the glue parameters to have more control over when I want the guy to shatter but the only results I'm getting are crashes, so I obviously think I'm missing something.

Here I attach the file and the fbx. Any ideas? 

Thank you!


shattering_animation_01.hipncFalling Down (1).fbx

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Unfortunately what you are trying to accomplish isn't as easy as that. You need to switch between animated and deforming shards. I'd check out this video: 


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