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Bitmap Voxel 3D Printing


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Hi guys,

Does anybody here on the forum can point me out towards voxel-printing topic related threads on the forum, if any?

Secundo; are there any folks out here with some experience on the subject? 

For those unfamiliar yet interested in the subject; https://www.media.mit.edu/projects/making-data-matter/overview/

A few noob:ph34r: questions regarding voxel-printing in houdini:

  1. can you import a stack of png/bmp files in Houdini and create a voxel geometry? 
  2. can you import, let's say an stl file, and export it as stack of png/bmp files? 

Final question; Is there anybody out there interested to collaborate on such a Houdini setup? :D

Thanks for looking into it,



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Second question regarding converting meshes to image slices: This can be done by converting a mesh to VDBs and sampling the volume to pixel grids like this:

vector pos = set(X, Y, z_slice);
float dens = volumesample(geo, 0, pos);
A = dens;

Say hello to Emily ; ) http://gl.ict.usc.edu/Research/DigitalEmily2/



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You can use "volume from attributes" to transfer UV coordinates from meshes to volumes. Reading them into COPs requires several volume samplings:

vector pos = set(X, Y, z_slice);
float u = volumesample(geo, 0, pos);
float v = volumesample(geo, 1, pos);
float w = volumesample(geo, 2, pos);
vector uvw = set(u, v, w);
assign(R, G, B, uvw);



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