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Redshift?: Laptop, 1 Nvidia (GeForce GTX 675MX, 4GB)

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I've started learning, trying to remember its name, yes MentalRay, with Maya, Before I'm done there was Arnold, stoped MentalRay, started a bit in Arnold with Maya (started on Renderman as well)), then I moved to Houdini and found Mantra, started on Mantra, then I see people using Redshift, they say it's way faster. Now I can confidently say I do not know how to use one single rendered properly, I've been jumping from one to another, like following fashion.

Before I jump to Redshift, not knowing enough about Mantra or any other renderer (Oh by the way, Mantra will go away, there is Karma coming), I'd like to know if it makes any sense at all for a laptop user with only one video card: Nvidia (GeForce GTX 675MX, 4GB)?


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That GTX is the low end of Redshfit compatibility. It should get you up and running. I have a demo license that runs fine on my GTX660. But continued support of these now, low end cards, may not continue. You can try out the demo and see if it works.

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