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Unbound particles to velocity field ?

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How do I get a velocity field to get effected by gravity, currently my particle remain bound to the velocity field.  I tried a POPWrangler (@v.y) with a condition, but the particles remain bound ?


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The air resistance on the advect by volume pop was turned up to 150. This acts as a drag to keep the particles within the velocity field and prevent them from flying off. You'd have to turn this down for the particles to break free from the vel field - it's a balancing act to keep them revolving around the torus.

Also this air resistance acts on the particles regardless of if they're inheriting any velocity from the volume. So you'll need to remove this air resistance force on any particles which are not within reach of the velocity field. I've done this by using a pop group and a bounding box area.



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what are you testing here:if(float(@v) >= 1.0)?

should that be length(@v)>=1.0? because v is a vector, not a scalar.

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