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Primitive counter on a parameter interface?

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I am making a procedural designing asset/tool, for a wooden house.
Wall and floor frames are being generated in refence to the foundation size.
Larger the foundation, more boards is being created for the walls and floor framing.
Everything is made with just linking a box size parameters to a "slider" on a parameter interface.
Then copied, transferred and merged, to form a simple house frame.  

Is there a way to make a counter on the parameter interface, that displays the number of boards(primitives?) being used?


Thanks /PP




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hey do you mean like this? you can create a detail string that references your copy amount, click on it in the detail debug popup to get a popup in the viewport so you can see the amount. if you name the attribute with the string you'll get a warning, not sure what kind of issues you might get with that but it doesnt seem necessary. hope this helps


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Hey rbesca

Thanks for your response :) 

I am making copies of boards on every 60cm along the house wall, and not using copy to points.. so its bit different setup, and im not skilled enough in houdini to make use of your method in my setup. 

I have attached a simple version of my wall builder and a image to show where i would like to have a counter on parameter interface. 

Not sure if it possible at all.. but i think it would be a nice feature, and the data is right there, in the geometry spreadsheet, i just cant figure how to implement it. 






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Add an integer parameter at Object level in your geometry, then use an expression that points to the quantity you want to display

Example npoints("pack1/")

pack1 being the name of a node in your geometry network

In your network, you can use connectivity (primitives) and attribute promote (primitive ->  detail (max) ) to compute the number of objects for example

you can refer to said quantity with detail("attribpromote1/","class",0)+1

Click on the label once at object level to have the text box display the value instead of the formula.

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