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Triangle Meshes Developability In houdini (Keenan Crane method)

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Hi guys


Found this really interesting algorithm from the genious Keenan a while ago , wanted to share with you for those who don't know it..

I have seen Petz manage to get one, didn't commented how, and I was wondering if some of you had a chance to implement it in houdini an maybe an external python script i could use ?






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Install Anaconda  ..You have a link:wub:..

Read and learn ..maybe Petz gonna upload a file for Houdini.:ph34r:

Install trial Matlab. Send me a Chivas Whiskey and you gonna get a converter for  C++ to python or vex or Basic :rolleyes:..

But soon @petz gonna upload a file:wub:





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Thanks you Tesan. I found this implementation in C on gibhub yesterday, credit to YuanhaoGongmade in cmake, apparently for mac os.

Apparently you could run it without matlab installed but a minor edit. Are you using matlab for your houdini work Tesan?

Is it the12m 18 or 25 years old Chivas you want? :))


i bet we are a few here to follow amazing @petz researches, and i indeed for creating such an interesting sharp content.

After yes, it also reminds me when i was young, my neighbour cook amazing cakes who smell delicious all around, looks gorgeous an will make hungry a 100 years ol deadman but so far she never let us try a part :wub:

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