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Is there a way to fill a geometry with another one, without penetration?


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Hi Masoud,

you can fill meshes with other meshes by copying them to VDB to spheres. Make sure to center and scale the copy mesh beforehand so it fits into a unit sphere.


// center object
vector center = getbbox_center(0);
v@P -= center;
// maximum distance from center
float dist = length(v@P);
setdetailattrib(1, 'max_dist', dist, 'max');
// scale maximum distance to 1 
float scale = detail(0, 'max_dist', 0);
v@P *= 1.0 / scale;



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Hi "Konstantin";

Your solution is great, but it uses a spherical boundary to separate objects, right?

Actually, I'm looking for a way to fill an object more precisely, without a big gap between them, something like the image below:

(The object in this sample scene is generated using Cinema4D.)




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