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organizing of examples / tutorials

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over time the examples and tutorials become more and more. And you know, the amount of them become huge.I look forward to organize them in a practical way. But didnt found a way till now. Oraganizing with categories as DOP, SOP, etc., or via the author. Collect them without sorting (terrible)? I dont find a way to organice them in a satisfying manner. How do you organize your collections of it?

Thanks in advance

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Posted (edited)

Yes, it's not easy because very often the subjects are intertwined.
Especially when you are not a fulltime Houdini user, this is an important issue.

I try to discern if the final goal is specifically technical or rather the use of a technique, say for "artistic" purposes.
Sorry English is not my native language, it's a bit difficult explained.
Dart Throwing for example could be in VEX or procedural modeling or according to the technique in another subject. So I'm not trying to classify it according to a technique.

1 Large clear themes, depending on the techniques, where there is little mixing possible, or when the subject relates to a well-determined area of houdini.
e.g. Fluids, Pyro, Vellum, RBD, VEX (but focused on specific functions or workflows, since VEX is everywhere !).

2 per author, but for well-referenced, quality and productive authors. Entagma for example.
or SideFX - GoProcedural, because it is the source of all other tutorials. This is the bible.

3 when the topics get mixed I have a folder I named THEMATICS where the technique used is no longer the subject of the classification, but rather the "theme".
Rectangle divisions - Wall patterns
infection - growth
Dart Throwing - Packing Circle
mathematics (not VEX)

In fact, now I'm trying to create a thumbnail associated to each sample file (or folder), in order to catalogue the thumbnails, a bit like on Christian Bohm's hdbp.io website.
It's the best way I found to find my way around quickly, or retrieve some topics when the title is'nt explicite.

here is my organisation
(Of course, I didn't really succeed in following the logic described above :lol:)

samples :
Differential Growth
Flip Fluids
For each - copyToPoints
L-Systeme & Vegtation
Mograph style setups
Noises - Displacement (two different things but so often interlaced)
Ocean - Terrains
Organic Modeling
Particles & Grains
Procedural Animation
Prodedural Modeling ( It's a big chunk, hard to organize)
Pyro - Smoke
Pyro - trails
Pyroclastic (related to a specific search)
Rendering - Materials - uvs
Retiming simulations
Rotation matrix transform
Samples from the doc
Solver Sop
SOP Solver in DOP
THEMATIC (Obviously this reflects my interests)
    Axes Origins centroid
    Colonisation - Infection - growth
    Curly Abstract Geometry
    Dart Throwing - Packing Circle
    Galaxie et Nebuleuses
    Procedural Graffiti Art
    Ray marching over particles
    Rectangle divisions - Wall patterns
    Space colonisation
    Tying a Knot
    Worm locomotion
Vector displacement
Vector Velocity Fields
Volumes - VDB

samples by Author:
Andrew glassner
cgwiki (Mestela)
Houdini Blueprints - Christian Bohm
Houdini tech blog
Johnny Farmfield
Learning VEX via Animated Gifs - Bees & Bombs [Mestela]
Niclas Schlapmann (enoni.de)
PepeFX (Alessandro Pepe)
Peter Quint
Tim van Helsdingen
Toadstorm Nerdblog

0 to do first
Berika Lobzhanidze
Caching simulations
Character & animation
Exchange - Export - imports
Flip Fluids
Junichiro Horikawa
Michael Auerswald
MISC Thematic
nielsprayer (ScatterTutorials)
Peter Quint
Procedural animation
Procedural Modeling
RBD - constrains
RBD - Fractures (It could be called fracturing, and put into procedural modeling)
Rendering & Materials
Rohan Dalvi

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Thanks for the good answer. I do it in a similiar way but its not as satisfying as I hoped and so I looking furhter for the definitive guide for it. Its also a big ting to organize it in a way that you really find what you want. Just organizing your collection is one side, finding on juwel in it the other. But the way you described above and wich I use at well in a similiar way seems to be the best for me.

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Posted (edited)

For the "finding side" the associated thumbnails is by far the best solution I could come up with.
It's a bit of work if it hasn't been done. But when it's done as you go, it's acceptable.

I have a catalogue in each main folder, and I use expression Media 2 (microsoft version) to build and read them.
since they are bought out by capture one pro, the new versions are horribly slow.

If someone know a good alternative I would be happy to know about it.

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